Getting an Estimate for your Move
When planning a move and locating a mover it is extremely important that you take the time to shop a...
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Tips to Avoid Problems

While there is no denying the fact that moving can be stressful and problems do sometimes occur you can reduce both the amount of stress and problems you are likely to experience by making sure you follow some smart guidelines and tips.

First, if you are planning to have your belongings professionally packed make sure you are there when it is completed. There can be a strong temptation to avoid this since there are so many other things you need to do during this important time; however, being on hand during the packing can help to reduce problems.

If you do elect to handle the packing yourself try to get started as early as possible. A large majority of the additional charges for moving stem from individuals failing to get all of their packing done on time. As a result, the movers must finish the process and that means extra charges. It is also important to know that if you do pack your belongings yourself the movers typically will not accept liability for any items that are packed by owners. If budget is a consideration, consider splitting the packing. Have the professional movers pack all of the breakable items while you only pack the non-breakable items, such as bedding and clothing.

Furthermore, you should know that if you find items at the last minute which you did not list with the mover when you were obtaining your estimate you can typically expect extra charges. This is true even if you have a binding estimate. Binding estimates do not cover items or services added at the last minute.

Be aware the driver will make an inventory of all items before they loaded. Be sure to get a copy and go over it before signing it. This is the time to resolve any disagreements; not later.

Make sure you insure your belongings adequately. Keep in mind that only limited liability is available for household items shipped interstate. This typically amounts to about 60 cents per pound. As you can imagine, if there are any damages you could be out a lot of money; particularly if the item damaged or lost was expensive. Because of this it is usually better to purchase full replacement value protection. The cost for this type of plan will usually depend on the value you assign the goods you want to ship and insure. If items are lost or damaged they will be replaced, repaired or you will receive a cash settlement for the repair/replacement of the articles.

On the day of your move make sure you are present when the movers arrive. Take the time to discuss delivery arrangements with the mover so you both understand everything clearly. Before you sign the Bill of Lading, be sure to read it thoroughly. Be sure to provide complete contact details regarding how your mover can reach you both while you are in transit and at your destination.

If there are problems and any of your belongings are lost or damaged make sure you report this information promptly. Be sure to provide plenty of detail on the driver’s copy of the inventory sheet before you sign it. Technically you have up to 9 months following unpacking after delivery but it is always best to report any problems as quickly as possible.

The receipt of your claim must be acknowledged by the moving company within 30 days. At this time they must either make a denial or settle the problem within 120 days of the receipt of the claim.

By following these tips and guidelines you can avoid many of the potential problems that may arise during this stressful time.

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