Using Storage Facilities While Moving
When you move from one location to another there may arise an occasion when it is necessary to store...
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Using Storage Facilities While Moving

When you move from one location to another there may arise an occasion when it is necessary to store your belongings; either short-term or long term. Self storage can make your move less complicated and can also provide peace of mind by ensuring your items are safe during this difficult process.

Be aware that self-storage should not be taken lightly; however. Your first step should be to gain an idea of the type of space you will need. There are actually many different types of self-storage options available. The most common type is regular self storage; however, there is also climate controlled storage available as well. If you are on a budget regular self storage is cheaper but it is important to know that some types of items should not be maintained in regular storage for long term. Over a long period of time some types of items could be damaged or permanently ruined if kept in storage that is not climate controlled. Items that should be kept in climate controlled storage long term include artwork, furs, fine furniture, books and paper related items. Any other items that should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes, either hot or cold, should not be stored in storage that is not climate controlled either. Although climate controlled facilities are more expensive, it is important to consider the fact that the expense is often better that repairing or replacing items that might be damaged as a result of exposure.

When planning to store your items you should also take into consideration the type of security that is provided by the facility you select. Your mover may be able to provide a list of references. Be sure to ask what kind of security is available at the facility before storing your items there. Some facilities provide one key to the renter. This provides good security and allows you access to your belongings at any time; regardless of the day or time. Other facilities will only allow you to access your belongings when a manager can meet you there to open the facility. This can be somewhat inconvenient. It’s also a good idea to ask what types of security systems the facility provides, such as alarm systems, closed circuit televisions and even security guards.

After you have selected a storage facility, take care in packing and placing your items to prevent damage. Make sure fragile items are packed carefully in bubble wrap and then taped tightly before they are placed in boxes to prevent damage.
You may also need to run a dehumidifier in the storage facility, depending on the types of items you plan to keep in storage. If your facility will be located in an area that is very humid, this is a good idea. Humidity can very quickly cause damage, especially to items that are made of paper. Running a dehumidifier can prevent this type of damage.

Many storage facilities have concrete floors. Before placing your items in the facility, it’s a good idea to place drop cloths on the floor. This will prevent moisture from seeping up from the concrete and causing damage to your items. If you are storing furniture, protect your items with heavy furniture covers. This is especially a good idea if you will be storing fine furniture for longer than a week. Appliances should have doors closed and tied shut with rope. Avoid using tape as this can cause damage to the pain. Tying the doors shut will prevent this kind of damage. Be sure all items, especially refrigerators, are dried out thoroughly before placing in storage to prevent rusting.
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